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CROSSNET PRO: Opt for CROSSNET’s PRO edition when you want a game that’s perfectly sized, and perfectly priced, for you and your crew. CROSSNET is the first ever fully adjustable, 4-way volleyball net and the perfect game for all occasions. The perfect blend of four square and volleyball, it’s an essential activity for parties, barbeques, and tailgating events, and makes the perfect gift for your outdoor host! Get ready to together enjoy safe, simple, foolproof fun with CROSSNET!

PERFECT FOR EVERY ADVENTURE: Built for fun and perfect for your next outing, this 4-way net is sure to be a summer staple! Whether you’re out at the beach, the park, or up at the lake, CROSSNET is the perfect catalyst for family fun and some friendly competition!

EASY AND QUICK SETUP: Featuring a unique, one of a kind design that is as intuitive as it is compact, setup and breakdown is a breeze! Enjoy action packed fun in minutes and fold everything back into CROSSNET’S perfectly sized backpack in equal time so you are ready to rage towards your next adventure!

CrossNet 4-Way Volleyball Net

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